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26 Recalls in 2016

Alprazolam Online Overnight - Cheap Xanax In Mexico

Alprazolam Online Overnight - Cheap Xanax In Mexico

Fault: The high-voltage battery charger may not have been produced to specification which could lead to an incorrect detection of an external charging cable. This in turn can lead the request for ?P? to be activated. If the speed is less than 5 km/h the transmission would activate the park pawl function which will prevent the vehicle from driving further and could increase the risk of an incident.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the high-voltage charger on the affected vehicles.

Vehicles Effected: April 29 2015 to July 15 2015

Number of Recalls: 15

Reference Number: R/2015/248

Auto Stop/start May Shutdown Without Warning - S-Class & S Class coupe (2016)

Fault: Incorrect software may have been installed during manufacture. This may cause erratic idling when coming to a halt and the engine may shut down. Consequently the auto start/stop may not operate as intended.

Repair: On affected vehicles update the powertrain control software.

Vehicles Effected: August 14 2013 to October 29 2015

Number of Recalls: 337

Reference Number: R/2015/232

Stop Start Engine May Not Restart - S Class Coupe & S Class (2016)

Fault: The excess length of the wiring harness to the engine control unit could result in a faulty camshaft signal. This faulty camshaft signal may lead to an unintentional cancellation of the automatic starting procedure after automatic engine stop of the automatic start/stop system. In the event of a faulty camshaft signal the engine would not restart as expected following the stop procedure but can be manually restarted immediately by engaging the transmission selector lever position ?N? or ?D? and by operating the ignition key or the start button (with keyless go). Depending on the traffic situation however an increased accident hazard could result.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and rework the wiring harness to the engine control unit on the affected vehicles as a precautionary measure.

Vehicles Effected: August 01 2012 to August 31 2015

Number of Recalls: 1129

Reference Number: R/2015/247

Risk Of Fire - CLA GLA A-Class B-Class SLK SLC C-Class E-Class & CLS (2016)

Fault: The high pressure fuel lines have not been manufactured to the correct specification which over time can lead to crack formation and fuel leaking. Fuel escaping in the presence of an ignition source could lead to fire.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the high pressure fuel lines.

Vehicles Effected: October 28 2015 to November 19 2015

Number of Recalls: 1327

Reference Number: R/2015/259

Risk Of Fire - Sprinter (2016)

Fault: On vehicles fitted with the four cylinder (OM651) engine the high pressure fuel lines may not have been manufactured to specifications. These lines may crack and allow fuel to leak. If an ignition source is present there is a risk of fire.

Repair: On affected vehicles replace high pressure fuel lines.

Vehicles Effected: October 27 2015 to November 06 2015

Number of Recalls: 826

Reference Number: R/2016/002

Doors May Double-lock Unexpectedly - (190) AMG GT (2016)

Fault: The "double lock" function for the door locks may operate even when the doors are unlocked. In this mode the interior door handles may be deactivated.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and update software.

Vehicles Effected: December 01 2014 to November 30 2015

Number of Recalls: 285

Reference Number: R/2016/009

Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And/or Fire - Vito & V-Class (2016)

Fault: On the affected vehicles the end pipe of the auxiliary air heater may not have been routed correctly due to a cut out in the vehicle floor that is possibly missing. Exhaust from the auxiliary air heater is possibly not correctly diverted under the vehicle floor and could to some extent enter the vehicle interior. There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and a risk of fire for the under floor panelling cannot be ruled out.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check for the presence of the cut out on the affected vehicles and drill this if necessary. Also the correct routing for the end pipe must be checked and where necessary corrected.

Number of Recalls: 2

Reference Number: R/2016/033

Risk Of Fire - C-Class (2016)

Fault: The threaded connection of the battery ground may not be tightened correctly due to deviation in the tightening angle monitoring. In the event of a poor ground of the battery line a temporarily higher transition resistance could lead to the formation of sparks and local heating. This would increase the risk of fire.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the ground connection of the battery line and if necessary replace the ground connection.

Vehicles Effected: May 20 2014 to November 30 2014

Number of Recalls: 27

Reference Number: R/2016/032

1. Airbags May Fail To Deploy Or 2. Airbags May Deploy Without Obvious Cause - 204 C-Class (2016)

Fault: Due to corrosion of internal components the SRS control unit may fail. This will deactivate SRS components such as airbags or in rare instances cause an SRS component to unintentionally deploy.

Repair: On affected vehicles replace the SRS control Unit.

Vehicles Effected: March 01 2006 to November 30 2009

Number of Recalls: 31717

Reference Number: R/2016/034

Windows May Detach - Sprinter (2016)

Fault: On vehicles with multi layered paint it is possible the layers may not have bonded as intended. This could allow the windscreen to detach in the event of excessive forces such as an accident. This may similarly affect bonded tie downs and/or super high roof.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and check stability of the paint. Where necessary reapply paint to affected areas.

Vehicles Effected: August 28 2015 to October 12 2015

Number of Recalls: 28

Reference Number: R/2016/011

Braking Performance May Be Affected - Econic (2016)

Fault: Three vehicles have been built with extended chassis/wheel base. The Yaw sensor has been displaced to a spot which does not correspond to the specific location and position. It cannot be ruled out that undefined or incorrect brake intervention may occur in the event of ESP intervention. Additionally the sensor may not recognise critical situations. The above can lead to an increased risk of collision/incident.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the location of the Yaw sensor. Where necessary move the sensor to the prescribed position.

Vehicles Effected: October 01 2013 to October 01 2015

Number of Recalls: 3

Reference Number: R/2016/061

Risk Of Fire - CLA (2016)

Fault: The mounting nut for the battery ground line at the body may not have been tightened correctly. If the connection is loose there could be sparks and localised heating which increases the risk of fire.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check and rework the threaded connection as necessary.

Vehicles Effected: September 02 2015 to September 02 2015

Number of Recalls: 4

Reference Number: R/2016/085

Passenger Bench Seat May Fail - Citan (2016)

Fault: The bolt securing the passenger seat back rest may fracture. If this happens the back rest cushion may drop. In the event of a collision the seat belt may not fully restrain the passenger as intended.

Repair: On affected vehicles replace the mounting screws with additional sleeves.

Vehicles Effected: January 30 2013 to September 09 2014

Number of Recalls: 60

Reference Number: R/2016/048

Possible Loss Of Power Steering Assistance - CLA (2016)

Fault: The torque sensor of the electric power steering assistance may be damaged which can adversely affected the tightness of the housing and allow water ingress. The defect could lead to failure of the torque sensor and consequently shut off the steering power assistance and lead to an elevated risk of collision.

Repair: Recall the vehicle that is likely to be affected and replace the electric power steering.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2016/088

Tyres May Fail During 'road-railer' Use - Unimog (2016)

Fault: On certain models with road-railer conversion it is possible that in combination with the tyres MITAS 275/90 R22.5 SRT preliminary damage to the tyres may occur due to intensive rail usage. As a result the road properties of the affected tyres may be restricted to the extent that a sudden loss of air or bursting due to heating up of the tyre during lengthy transport on the road and at high speeds cannot be ruled out. This would constitute or increase a risk of accident.

Repair: The recall has two elements: 1. the maximum speed of the vehicle will be temporarily restricted by means of a variable parameter to 65km/h and 2. the tyre inflation pressure adapted as per sheet inserted in the operator?s Manual for the vehicle as a remedial action.

Vehicles Effected: November 10 2011 to December 05 2015

Number of Recalls: 9

Reference Number: R/2016/047

Rear Bench Seat May Lift Up From The Rear In A Collision & Attached Seat Belts May Not Be Anchored Correctly - B-Class (2016)

Fault: On 'B' Class models fitted with 'Easy Vario' rear seat option a bolt securing the seat bench to the body may have been omitted during production. This may allow the seat bench to lift during a frontal collision. Seat belt effectiveness may also be compromised.

Repair: On affected vehicles check for presence and tightness of retaining screws. Fit new screws where necessary and tighten all screws to specification.

Vehicles Effected: December 01 2012 to March 01 2016

Number of Recalls: 146

Reference Number: R/2016/091

Electrical Fault Could Allow Vehicle To Roll Away When Left Parked - SLK (2016)

Fault: On certain vehicles fitted with 9 speed transmission the back up battery may not connect during main battery failure. This may prevent selection of Park on the transmission or operation of the electronic parking brake.

Repair: On affected vehicles adapt harness to manufacturer's specification and recode the system.

Vehicles Effected: February 01 2015 to September 30 2015

Number of Recalls: 718

Reference Number: R/2016/093

Seat Belt May Fail - Citan (2016)

Fault: The mounting screws of the belt guide brackets at both the left hand and right hand C-Pillars may not have been tightened correctly. Therefore the seat belt/s may not perform as intended increasing the risk of injury during a collision.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and correct the fixing for the mounting screw of the belt guide brackets.

Vehicles Effected: November 23 2015 to December 02 2015

Number of Recalls: 8

Reference Number: R/2016/079

Steering Efficiency May Be Reduced - SLK (2016)

Fault: A lock nut on a rear suspension tie rod may not have been manufactured to the correct specification. It may not act as intended even tightened to specification. It is unlikely the rod will disconnect but it may loosen and affect the vehicle's handling characteristics.

Repair: On affected vehicles replace the rear tie rod lock nuts.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2016 to March 31 2016

Number of Recalls: 812

Reference Number: R/2016/120

Maintenance Flap May Detach From Vehicle - Smart Fortwo (2016)

Fault: The locking forces of the maintenance flap may not be to specification. At high speed and in combination with strong gusts of wind the plastic maintenance flap may detach from the vehicle and may pose an increased risk of injury for following road users.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the locks of the maintenance flap.

Vehicles Effected: April 01 2014 to October 31 2015

Number of Recalls: 1726

Reference Number: R/2016/092

Electrical Ststems And Lights May Fail - Unimog (2016)

Fault: The power supply lines for the cab electrical system may not be fastened correctly at the electrical connecting point mounted on the cab firewall and as a result may be loose. A loose cable can cause implausible displays and fault messages and a complete detachment from the connecting point can lead to a complete failure of the vehicle electronics including the lights.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check the fastening for the power supply at the electrical connecting point and if necessary correct the fastening and connections.

Vehicles Effected: December 03 2013 to January 05 2016

Number of Recalls: 27

Reference Number: R/2016/109

Risk Of Fire - B-Class (2016)

Fault: A threaded connection in the Prefuse box may not be tightened to the correct specification. This may excessive resistance and create a heat source. This could cause a fire. Additionally vibration may cause power disruption which could affect the operation of steering power assistance ABS SRS and/or instrument failure..

Repair: On affected vehicles check threaded connection and where necessary replace fuse box.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2016/151

Seat Belt Restraint System May Fail - Unimog (2016)

Fault: A seat mounting may not conform to specifications. This may also impact on seat belt mountings and in the event of a collision the seat and/or belt may not act as intended.

Repair: On affected vehicles replace seat mounting console

Vehicles Effected: March 01 2007 to September 30 2013

Number of Recalls: 151

Reference Number: R/2016/135

Risk Of Fire - Actros Antos & Arocs (2016)

Fault: The exhaust tailpipe variants K7D K7C and K7N can become loose. Variant K7D can fall away from the vehicle leading to a heightened risk of incident for other road users. Where an exhaust gas leak occurs this can constitute a risk of fire.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the seal of the exhaust tail pipe flange with a metal bead gasket.

Vehicles Effected: March 10 2013 to November 04 2015

Number of Recalls: 1576

Reference Number: R/2016/134

Engine May Stall/stop Unexpectedly - 190 AMG GT (2016)

Fault: The connection of the carbon drive shaft to the engine/transmission flange may not be to specification. Warnings of the development of the concern are: there will be noise malfunctions in the transmission and in isolated cases loss of drive.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the drive shaft. If necessary the drive shaft will be replaced.

Vehicles Effected: June 01 2015 to July 24 2015

Number of Recalls: 73

Reference Number: R/2016/141

Braking Performance May Be Reduced - Vito & V-Class (2016)

Fault: The brake fluid container may not have been inserted far enough into its mounts or was not secured correctly which can result in it detaching and a loss of brake fluid. The driver could become aware of this by the gradual deterioration of brake performance by having to press the brake pedal further. This can consequently increase the risk of collision.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the brake fluid reservoir on the affected vehicles to ensure it is properly engaged and if necessary fix it in the correct position.

Vehicles Effected: October 01 2013 to April 30 2016

Number of Recalls: 9402

Reference Number: R/2016/156

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