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13 Recalls in 2014

Buy Xanax Cod Overnight, Ordering Alprazolam Pills

Buy Xanax Cod Overnight, Ordering Alprazolam Pills

Fault: It has been identified that the side window airbags on the Citan Crewbus are possible working to the extremes of its operating tolerance. Therefore if the vehicle was to be involved in a collision then the airbags may not deploy correctly.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to improve the operation of the side window airbag system.

Vehicles Effected: January 02 2013 to April 18 2013

Number of Recalls: 143

Reference Number: R/2013/147

Air Drier Housing May Detach - Unimog (2014)

Fault: It is possible due to its location that the muffler on the air drier may freeze and icing may occur. This can cause a blockage of the vent line; this in turn will cause the pressure in the air drier to rise beyond its venting pressure of 18.5 bar to in excess of 40 bar. This can result the top section of the air drier cartridge housing becoming detached. The driver should be aware of the issue due to the noise emitted and the brake system will still operate allow you to stop the vehicle safely. However the brake system could still be compromised.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicle and reposition air drier muffler.

Vehicles Effected: July 20 2011 to September 17 2013

Number of Recalls: 51

Reference Number: R/2013/155

Fan Bearing Failure May Cause A Fire - Axor (2014)

Fault: Insufficient clearance within the cooling fan clutch bearing and in correct specification grease can result in the bearing overheating. This can result in scorching damage or in extremes circumstances a fire.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles and replace coolant fan clutch bearing.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2010 to May 01 2010

Number of Recalls: 66

Reference Number: R/2014/011

Vehicle Stability May Be Affected - Sprinter (2014)

Fault: It has been established that on certain models of NCV3 (5-ton) vehicles fitted with air suspension from the VB AirSuspension company have a high risk of a fracturing of the weld seam on the rear axle spring saddle. In the unlikely event that this occurs then the rear axle can become loose and take on a self-steering behaviour which could affect vehicle control or stability.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to fit an additional spring saddle clamp to provide additional security.

Vehicles Effected: September 01 2006 to July 31 2013

Number of Recalls: 247

Reference Number: R/2014/014

Unintentional Deployment Of Drivers Airbag - Atego (2014)

Fault: It is possible that during constructions the wiring harness for the frame may have been installed under tension. This can cause damage to the ribbon feeder for the clock spring connection for the steering wheel controls and air-bag. This will normally result in minor issue with the steering wheel electronic controls which will warn the driver of the issue. However in the extreme it could result in an electrical short circuit which can cause the premature deployment of the steering wheel air bag.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to check the routing of the harness and fit an additional earth link.

Vehicles Effected: November 19 2013 to November 19 2013

Number of Recalls: 5

Reference Number: R/2014/060

Seat Belt Anchorate And Window Bags May Not Perform Correctly - CLA (2014)

Fault: On affected vehicles individual threaded seat belt connections may not have been tightened to the correct torque. This may affect the anchoring of seat belts window bags and ground points. The manufacturer cannot completely rule out that the affected components may not fulfil their designated functions as the seat belt anchorage points may not be fully secure. It is also possible that this may cause erroneous messages to appear in the instrument cluster

Repair: Recall vehicles and check torque settings on affected threaded connections. Correct where necessary

Vehicles Effected: May 01 2014 to May 31 2014

Number of Recalls: 7

Reference Number: R/2014/076

Airbag May Not Perform As Specified - SL & SLK (2014)

Fault: The front passenger air bag module may not have been installed according to specifications. If activated it is possible that separate parts of the passenger air bag module may become loose and may detach.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace air bag module

Vehicles Effected: March 01 2014 to May 31 2014

Number of Recalls: 712

Reference Number: R/2014/085

Risk Of Fire - SMART FORTWO 451 (2014)

Fault: On petrol engine versions of the 451 series Fortwo models it is possible that a short circuit can occur in the electronic heater shutoff valve as a result of extended wear. In extreme cases this could result in an overheating situation in the electronic heater shutoff valve. This could ultimately result in a vehicle fire.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to rework the electrical wear for the electronic heater shutoff valve.

Vehicles Effected: August 01 2010 to June 30 2014

Number of Recalls: 16822

Reference Number: R/2014/094

Chafe Damage To Electrical Wiring May Cause A Short Circuit - AROCS (2014)

Fault: On affected vehicles the harness to the power distributor may chafe against a support bracket. In extreme cases the wires may chafe through and short. This can cause erroneous warning lamp illumination or functional limitations to the transmission control or illumination equipment. Other consequential damage may also occur.

Repair: As a precautionary measure affected vehicles will be recalled to bring them up to the current series production configuration. The sub wiring harness will also be inspected for evidence of chafing and any damaged wiring will be repaired or replaced as required.

Vehicles Effected: October 14 2013 to May 15 2014

Number of Recalls: 54

Reference Number: R/2014/099

Steering Control May Be Affected - C-CLASS 205 (2014)

Fault: It is possible that the steering column coupling lock may not have been installed correctly. The driver will recieve warning of the issue by noise. However in extreme circumstances it is possible that steering control of the vehicle could be affected.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to check and if required replace the steering coupling.

Vehicles Effected: January 17 2014 to September 22 2014

Number of Recalls: 8142

Reference Number: R/2014/113

Braking May Be Affected - Citan (2014)

Fault: Due to a fitment error on the production line the possibility exists that on a limited number of vehicles the brake pipes may not have been installed into their correct ports on the ABS hydraulic unit. As a result under hard acceleration or emergency braking abnormal handling characteristics of the vehicle may occur. In extreme conditions this could result in a road wheel locking causing the vehicle to skid unexpectedly.

Repair: Affected vehicles will be recalled to check brake pipes are fitted correctly to the ABS unit. Where necessary the brake pipes will be replaced.

Vehicles Effected: September 01 2012 to May 31 2013

Number of Recalls: 1673

Reference Number: R/2014/097

Fire May Occur - Econic 957 (2014)

Fault: It has been identified that under UK operations the hazard warning switch can fail prematurely due to repeated use. This could result in an electrical overload and possible localised fire.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to replace the hazard warning switch with the latest production version.

Vehicles Effected: November 01 1998 to September 30 2013

Number of Recalls: 5721

Reference Number: R/2014/136

Steering May Not Perform Correctly - Actros & Antos 963 (2014)

Fault: The bolt retaining the trailing arm to the front air bellows support may not be tightened to manufacturer specifications. In extreme cases the bolt can work loose and may interfere with a steering link. This can cause the steering to "stick" for a brief period.

Repair: On affected vehicles check tightness of bolts and where necessary tighten to the correct specification.

Vehicles Effected: March 09 2012 to April 10 2014

Number of Recalls: 328

Reference Number: R/2014/170

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