14 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 2012

Fuel May Leak - C Class CLS Class E Class S Class R Class G Class GLK Class and GL class (2012)

Fault: Fuel leaks in the plug area of the drain opening may occur at the fuel filter with integrated fuel heaters. Fuel can escape and is noticeable to the customer due to a corresponding diesel odour. The diesel can reach the road and as a result friction between the tyres and road surface may be decreased.

Repair: Check filter and replace as necessary.

Number of Recalls: 22298

Reference Number: R/2011/172

Fuel May Leak - Sprinter (2012)

Fault: A fuel leak may occur from the area of the fuel drain opening in the fuel filters which leaks onto the road.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check the fuel filter and replace where necessary.

Number of Recalls: 6035

Reference Number: R/2011/174

Suspension May Fail - Vito and Viano (2012)

Fault: The bolts connecting the suspension strut lower mounting to the steering knuckle may shear. Should this occur the stability of the vehicle could be affected.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the bolts and nuts that connect the suspension strut lower mounting to the steering knuckle.

Number of Recalls: 2

Reference Number: R/2012/001

A Pillar Check Strap May Detach - Vito and Viano (2012)

Fault: In a situation where the window airbag is deployed the trim that covers the airbag may not stay in a safe position and as such could present an additional risk of injury to the occupant.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the A-pillar trim.

Number of Recalls: 16

Reference Number: R/2012/007

Steering May Fail - Actros (2012)

Fault: Irregularities may have occurred during assembly of the steering shaft. Water entrapment may have occurred in a few cases. At exceptionally low temperature's and after long idle times (Freezing in the cab) the entrapped water may freeze. It is possible if the water freezes there could be in extreme cases damage to the bearing shell of the constant velocity joint. During the first few meters after driving off a damaged bearing shell could lead to the connection from the steering wheel to the front axle being lost in extreme cases.

Repair: Check steering shafts of the affected vehicles and replace them if necessary.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2011 to February 21 2012

Number of Recalls: 37

Reference Number: R/2012/023

Incorrect Cross-member Bolts Fitted - Sprinter (2012)

Fault: The screws/bolts used for fastening the towing eyes the cross-member of the trailer hitch and the rear step for the support of the cross-member on 5 ton vehicles may be the wrong type. This could cause the bolts to work loose and in a worst case snap.

Repair: As a precautionary measure the screw/bolts will be replaced on affected vehicles.

Number of Recalls: 15

Reference Number: R/2012/044

Transmission May Not Operate Correctly - A-Class & B-Class (2012)

Fault: A frictional connection (clutch within the gearbox) may go out of tolerance and produce a chattering noise. This will be followed by a warning message appearing in the instrument cluster and symptoms similar to a slipping clutch.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check the thrust link belt of the continuously variable transmission. Where necessary the transmission will be replaced.

Vehicles Effected: February 01 2011 to June 30 2011

Number of Recalls: 51

Reference Number: R/2012/063

Loss Of Control - Smart 451 (2012)

Fault: The tightening torque of a mounting bolt at the right front brake calliper holder of the vehicle may not meet internal specifications. If the tightening torque does not correspond to specification contact of the brake calliper holder with the rim upon braking cannot be ruled out. The controllability of the vehicle could therefore be impaired.

Repair: Check the tightening of the brake calliper holder and correct if necessary.

Vehicles Effected: February 01 2012 to March 31 2012

Number of Recalls: 19

Reference Number: R/2012/088

Risk Of Fire - ACTROS (2012)

Fault: Water can enter in the front passenger footwell. The cause of this was found to be incompletely installed stop plugs at the cab under the windscreen wiper recess trim. If this fault exists water can penetrate behind the sealing of the cab/chassis connecting point. In the worst case contact corrosion and corresponding consequential damage e.g. short circuits and undefined current paths with high current flows may occur at plug contacts wiring harness and a sensor not designed to be watertight.

Repair: Check affected vehicles to see whether all planned stop plugs are installed under the windshield wiper recess trim. Any missing stop plugs will be retrofitted.

Number of Recalls: 56

Reference Number: R/2012/101

Rear-axle Suspension Level Sensor May Break - E Class (2012)

Fault: On E Class vehicles without AIRMATIC blocking of the level sensor linkage may occur. In extreme cases this may lead to breakage of the level sensor linkage. The linkage is used to measure the vehicle level via a sensor. If the linkage breaks it is possible the level sensor constantly records a vehicle level that is too low. This leads to a contact pressure rise in both air spring bellows and to hardening of the rear-axle suspension causing a noticeable loss in comfort.

Repair: Replace the level sensor linkage on these vehicles as a precautionary measure.

Vehicles Effected: July 01 2006 to April 30 2009

Number of Recalls: 6650

Reference Number: R/2012/111

Injury May Occur If The Passenger Airbag Deploys - G Class (2012)

Fault: The spot welding between the serrated rail and the airbag cover in the metal carrier of the instrument panel may not have been designed correctly. In the event of a vehicle crash with triggering of the front passenger airbag it is possible that the serrated rail detaches from the metal carrier of the instrument panel.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to rework the connection between the serrated rail and the airbag cover in the metal carrier of the instrument panel.

Vehicles Effected: September 01 2010 to April 30 2011

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2012/110

Floor Mat May Impede Accelerator Pedal - M Class (2012)

Fault: It has been established that if the vehicle is fitted with all weather or ribbed floor mats the accelerator/throttle pedal may contact the floor mat. Although this will just be a temporary contact this could delay the accelerator/throttle pedal releasing.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and check if the vehicle is fitted with all weather/ribbed floor mats. If fitted remove from the vehicle.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2011 to December 31 2011

Number of Recalls: 2540

Reference Number: R/2012/091

Risk Of Fire - SL (2012)

Fault: On a short production run certain SL Class vehicles had their air conditioning systems filled with the wrong refrigerant. Under normal driving there is not a safety risk. However should the vehicle be involved in a very heavy frontal impact accident which occurs in conjunction with a fracture of the refrigerant line it is possible that an engine compartment fire may occur.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles and replace the refrigerant with a version which is less flammable.

Number of Recalls: 4

Reference Number: R/2012/127

Bonnet Catch May Release - CLS (2012)

Fault: It is possible that the bonnet striker may not have been correctly torqued. If the striker works loose for any reason it is possible that the bonnet may not be secure fly up and obstruct the drivers view to the front.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles check the bonnet striker and re-torque if required.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2011 to December 31 2011

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2012/148

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