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14 Recalls in 2007

Xanax Order Online Uk - Buying Xanax Uk

Xanax Order Online Uk - Buying Xanax Uk

Fault: The wheel flanges may not be of sufficient strength and may split.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to fit modified wheels.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2007/020

Fuel May Leak - VITO & VIANO (2007)

Fault: In the event of the vehicle being involved in an accident fuel may leak from the fuel tank.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the production date of the fuel tank checked. The tank will be replaced if found to be within the affected range.

Number of Recalls: 72

Reference Number: R/2007/017

Electrical Short Circuit May Occur - Sprinter (2007)

Fault: Wiring harness from starter to alternator may detach power supply will fail and wiring may short circuit.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles check and if necessary replace harness.

Vehicles Effected: December 01 2006 to December 01 2006

Number of Recalls: 1145

Reference Number: R/2006/229

Suspension Spring May Fracture - SPRINTER (2007)

Fault: It has been identified that during manufacture insufficient wax was applied to the front of the rear axle road springs. This in extreme circumstances can lead to failure of the spring.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the rear road spring front mounting brackets replaced.

Number of Recalls: 4

Reference Number: R/2006/223

Malfunction Of Clutch Control May Lead To Brake Failure - UNIMOG (2007)

Fault: A malfunction within the clutch control may occur which if 1st or 2nd gear is selected it may not be possible to stop the vehicle using the service brake.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the gear control unit replaced. Additionally following checking the clutch control unit may also require replacement.

Number of Recalls: 23

Reference Number: R/2007/018

Crash Signal Protocol May Not Occur In The Event Of A Collision - SPRINTER (2007)

Fault: A software error may exist in the airbag control unit which can prevent a crash signal being generated in the event of a rear-end collision. As a result automatic unlocking of the doors and switching on of the hazard lamps cannot be assured.

Repair: The recalled vehicles will have the airbag control unit replaced.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2010/180

Short Circuit May Occur - Sprinter (2007)

Fault: It is possible that an incorrect size terminal may have been fitted to the starter wiring harness. It could result in the wiring not being crimped correctly and cause a detachment of the wiring which could result in a short circuit.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles and replace the starter-alternator wiring harness.

Number of Recalls: 9

Reference Number: R/2010/179

Directional Control May Be Affected - G WAGON (2007)

Fault: It is possible that the differential lock switches may have been supplied with a defective printed circuit board. This could result in the differential not engaging turning off without warning or in the worst case the differential may engage without warning which could affect directional control of the vehicle.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles and replace the differential switches.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2010/178

Wheel Bolts May Become Loose - SLR (2007)

Fault: It has been identified that under extreme driving conditions single wheel bolts may become loose.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the front wheels and wheel bolts replaced.

Number of Recalls: 6

Reference Number: R/2007/066

Vehicle May Cut Out - Sprinter (2007)

Fault: It has been identified that a possible poor contact with the fuel pump relay in the fuse and relay module unit may affect the operation of the fuel pump and cause the engine to cut out.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to check the manufacturing date of the fuse and relay module unit and it necessary replace it.

Number of Recalls: 136

Reference Number: R/2010/172

Wheel Bearing May Fail - Atego (2007)

Fault: It is possible that water ingress into the front axle hub through a seal can cause corrosion which ultimately could result in failure of the wheel bearing. If not rectified this could ultimately result in detachment of the hub and wheel assembly.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace the front hub assemblies.

Number of Recalls: 3369

Reference Number: R/2010/173

Engine May Fail - Vito and Viano (2007)

Fault: The engine may stop as a result of the fuel feed lines from tank to engine leaking and or separating because they were not manufactured to the correct specification.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the fuel feed lines.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2010/174

Airbag May Not Inflate Correctly - Sprinter (2007)

Fault: In the case of an incident where the air bags deploy as a result of the offside window bag module possibly having been fitted with a defective diffuser the air bag may not fully inflate and parts of the window bag module may detach and fly into the interior compartment at high speeds.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the offside window bag module.

Number of Recalls: 4

Reference Number: R/2010/176

Potential Leak Of Brake Line - S & CL Class (2007)

Fault: Corrosion may occur in the brake line to the front/rear axle distibuter. If left unattended this could result in brake fluid leakage and loss of brake efficiency.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the brake pipe with one of a modified design.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1999 to December 31 2003

Number of Recalls: 2987

Reference Number: R/2008/020

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