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15 Recalls in 2006

Online Xanax Uk, Cheap Xanax Online Australia

Online Xanax Uk, Cheap Xanax Online Australia

Fault: The differential pressure sensor for the diesel particulate filter can fail due to contamination of the protective gel layer by exhaust gases. This will result in the car reverting to limp home mode (restricted engine speed).

Repair: Replace the differential pressure sensor with the latest modified type.

Number of Recalls: 4869

Reference Number: R/2006/046

Clutch May Fail - UNIMOG (2006)

Fault: The possibility exists that on a certain number of vehicles air pockets can build up in the clutch hydraulics system which will lead to difficulty in changing gear and selecting neutral..

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the central clutch release bearing the bracket for the clutch booster and the clutch control unit.

Number of Recalls: 7

Reference Number: R/2010/183

Seat May Become Insecure - Actros Atego and Axor (2006)

Fault: The threaded connection of the Grammer seat centre bearing may become loose which could overlaod the seat frame and cause it to fracture and fail.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to have the seat checked repaired or replaced.

Number of Recalls: 2258

Reference Number: R/2010/182

Seat Belt May Become Insecure - Sprinter (2006)

Fault: It is possible that the mounting bolts for rear seat belts on the rear seats may not have been torqued to the correct specification.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles to check and if necessary re-torque the mounting bolts.

Number of Recalls: 1

Reference Number: R/2010/184

Seat Belt May De-latch - R Class (2006)

Fault: Excessive side movement within the driver's seat belt buckle may cause the seat belt to de-latch.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the subject seat belt buckle checked for excessive side movement. The buckle will be replaced if excessive movement is evident.

Number of Recalls: 67

Reference Number: R/2006/152

Risk Of Fire - McLaren SLR (2006)

Fault: The alternator wiring harness ducting may foul adjacent components with the result that under extreme conditions overheating may occur.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the condition of the ducting checked and the wiring re-routed.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2005 to August 15 2006

Number of Recalls: 75

Reference Number: R/2006/144

Risk Of Electrical Short Circuit - R Class (2006)

Fault: The routing of the stater motor wiring harness may be incorrect with the attendant risk of a short circuit occurring.

Repair: Recall vehicles and check the routing of the subject wiring harness taking corrective action as necessary.

Number of Recalls: 50

Reference Number: R/2006/148

Short Circuit May Occur - VITO & VIANO (2006)

Fault: The battery to starter motor cable is routed close to the exhaust. In some circumstances the insulation might melt.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to fit an additional cable tie to the battery to starter motor cable.

Number of Recalls: 77

Reference Number: R/2007/021

Seat Belt Fastenings May Not Be Secure - SMART FORTWO (2006)

Fault: The seat belt fastenings may not be secure.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to inspect the fastenings and replace where necessary.

Number of Recalls: 10

Reference Number: R/2006/182

Airbag May Not Deploy - VITO & VIANO (2006)

Fault: It has been identified that due to a faulty control unit the airbag might not deploy in the event of a collision.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will be fitted with a modified control unit.

Number of Recalls: 3203

Reference Number: R/2006/153

Steering Shaft May Loosen - ACTROS (2006)

Fault: The steering column shaft may not have been tightened correctly. If left this will progress to steering wheel free movement and knocking noise. Ultimately there will be a loss of directional control.

Repair: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check the steering shaft for security. If the steering shaft is insecure the shaft must be replaced.

Number of Recalls: 16

Reference Number: R/2006/186

Vehicle Stability Control May Malfunction - ACTOS & AXOR (2006)

Fault: The intelligent stability control unit may not function correctly.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the intelligent stability control unit replaced.

Number of Recalls: 9

Reference Number: R/2006/149

Instrument Cluster May Not Illuminate. - CL & S (2006)

Fault: Instrument cluster may not illuminate at all times.

Repair: Recall vehicles and check the function of the instrument panel. If found to be faulty the instrument panel will be changed.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2005 to December 31 2005

Number of Recalls: 5940

Reference Number: R/2006/141

Engine May Cut Out - C CLASS (2006)

Fault: A fuse within an electronic control module may become loose. This can result in the vehicle failing to start. In the worst case the engine may cut out whilst the vehicle is being driven.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will have the subject module replaced.

Number of Recalls: 29

Reference Number: R/2006/183

Fuel May Leak - VITO & VIANO (2006)

Fault: It has been identified that the possibility exists that a fuel line may not have been fitted correctly and may leak.

Repair: Recalled vehicles will be checked for the presence of fuel leaks if evident the fuel line and fittings will be replaced.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2006 to August 15 2006

Number of Recalls: 102

Reference Number: R/2006/142

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