6 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 2004

Rear Seat Belts May Not Engage Correctly - C CLASS E CLASS and CLK (2004)

Fault: Rear Seat Belt may not engage correctly

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace seat belt buckle

Vehicles Effected: August 01 2003 to October 01 2003

Number of Recalls: 4372

Reference Number: R/2003/185

Tyre Valves May Leak Where Fitted In Wheel. - SPRINTER (2004)

Fault: The tyre valve may not be to specification and could leak at its fitting in the wheel.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles and fit new tyre valves that comply with the specification.

Vehicles Effected: December 01 2000 to December 01 2003

Number of Recalls: 113

Reference Number: R/2003/186

Possibility Of Reduced Braking Efficiency - E Class and SL (2004)

Fault: Premature wear of the Sensatronic Brake Control (SBC) unit may lead to a reduced braking efficiency

Repair: Recall affected vehicles download the latest software. Following the download the system will advise when the SBC hydraulic unit requires replacement.

Vehicles Effected: June 01 2002 to June 01 2003

Number of Recalls: 39742

Reference Number: R/2004/094

The Mounting Of The Foot Operated Parking Brake Pedal May Detach - Vito Viano and Travel Liner (2004)

Fault: Mounting of the foot operated parking brake pedal may permit the mounting to become loose and in extreme cases the assembly may become detached from the mounting bracket.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles and replace the pedal assembly with a quality assured component.

Number of Recalls: 779

Reference Number: R/2004/032

Engine Speed May Reduce Or Shut Down Due To Software Error - VITO AND VIANO (2004)

Fault: It is possible that the engine speed may reduce or in extreme cases shut down due to a software error in the engine management unit

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and install revised software in the control unit. In most cases this will resolve the problem. In isolated cases it may be necessary to replace the control unit.

Number of Recalls: 592

Reference Number: R/2004/127

Isofix Anchorage May Allow The Child Seat To Detach In The Event Of A Collison - KIDDY TOPSAFE CHLD SEAT (2004)

Fault: The ISOFIX anchorage may allow the child seat to be come detachedin the event of a collision.

Repair: Customers will be contacted and given a full refund in respect of the original child seat. Customers will then be offered a replacement seat from a different manufacturer free of charge.

Vehicles Effected: November 01 2003 to November 01 2004

Number of Recalls: 242

Reference Number: RCOMP/2004/006

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