8 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 2003

Brake Pedal Stop Fractures - T2 (2003)

Fault: The brake pedal return stop bracket may fracture and permit the pedal to rise above its normal rest position. This could delay application of the brake in an emergency.

Repair: Install a supplementary brake pedal stop bracket.

Number of Recalls: 1605

Reference Number: R/2002/114

Rear Side Lights And Number Plate Light May Fail - SMART (2003)

Fault: A combination switch may fail. If this occurs the rear side lights and number plate lights will fail to function. (Brake lights and indicators will operate as normal).

Repair: Recall vehicles and replace the combination switch.

Number of Recalls: 165

Reference Number: R/2003/046

Possible Movement Of Brake Pads Within Caliper - VARIO (2003)

Fault: The front brake pad anti-rattle spring mounting bolts may not have been tightened to the correct torque. This could result in the brake pads moving about in the caliper.

Repair: Check and if required re-torque the anti-rattle spring mounting bolts.

Number of Recalls: 280

Reference Number: R/2003/080

Possible Fault In Air Bag Control Module - SPRINTER (2003)

Fault: A component inside the control module may become defective - Air bag may not deploy in a collision

Repair: Replace Air Bag control module.

Number of Recalls: 29

Reference Number: R/2003/100

Possible Fault In Air Bag Control Module - VITO (2003)

Fault: A component inside the air bag control unit may become defective - Air bag may not deploy in a collision

Repair: Replace Air Bag control module

Number of Recalls: 82

Reference Number: R/2003/101

Possible Loss Of Power Assisted Steering Fluid - M CLASS (2003)

Fault: An oversize hose clamp may allow a gradual loss of Power Assisted Steering Fluid over a period of time.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace hose clamp with modified type.

Vehicles Effected: April 01 1998 to April 01 2002

Number of Recalls: 29686

Reference Number: R/2003/060

Possible Loss Of Steering Control - C CLASS (2003)

Fault: It is possible that the steering coupling at the union with the steering gear may not be correctly positioned and/or sufficiently torqued. This could lead to the steering gear becoming detached from the steering column with subsequent loss of steering control.

Repair: Check the position of the steering coupling and the fasteners for correct torque.

Number of Recalls: 16

Reference Number: R/2003/146

Bonnet Could Open Without Warning - C - CLASS (2003)

Fault: It is possible that due to a previous minor collision which the driver may have considered insignificant the bonnet securing hook may have been damaged which could result in the opening of the bonnet if it has not been closed correctly.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles for the replacement of the hook with a modified hook.

Number of Recalls: 2

Reference Number: R/2010/153

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