2 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 2002

Brake Pedal Stop Bracket Concern - VARIO (2002)

Fault: The brake pedal return stop bracket may fracture and permit the pedal to rise above its normal rest position. This could delay application of the brake in an emergency.

Repair: Install a supplementary brake pedal stop bracket.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1996 to December 31 2000

Number of Recalls: 3382

Reference Number: R/2002/069

Steering Shaft Assembly Defect - ATEGO (2002)

Fault: As a result of incorrect manufacture the possibility exists that a fracture may occur in the steering shaft assembly between the steering box and the steering column.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles and replace the steering shaft assembly.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2001 to June 20 2002

Number of Recalls: 84

Reference Number: R/2002/076

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