4 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 2001

Fire In Auxiliary Heater Wiring Loom - 0405N & 0405GN (2001)

Fault: Electrical fault in the 24 volt supply to the auxiliary heater resulted in a fire.

Repair: INTERIM REMEDY:- Disconnect and insulate the electrical supply to the heater and turn off the fuel supply tap.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1998 to December 31 1999

Number of Recalls: 219

Reference Number: R/2001/064

Exhaust Pipe May Break - 202 - C Class (2001)

Fault: There is a possibility that the end part of the exhaust pipe could break off at the welding seam to the rear of the muffler. Hot exhaust gases could in isolated cases cause the risk of substantial consequential heat damage in the rear region of the vehicle.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace rear exhaust section with a stainless steel version if not already replaced due to regular muffler wear.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1993 to December 31 1996

Number of Recalls: 7213

Reference Number: R/2000/102

Brakes May Not Perform To Specification - A - CLASS (2001)

Fault: Due to an internal issue with the brake master cylinder it is possible that when the vehicle is operated at ambient temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius there maybe an increase in brake travel which may increase stopping distances.

Repair: Recall all affected vehicles for the replacement of the brake master cylinder.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2000 to December 31 2000

Number of Recalls: 563

Reference Number: R/2010/152

Unintentional Deployment Of Air Bag - E Class SL S Class C Class (2001)

Fault: Exposure to high humidity conditions may result in corrosion that can cause the drivers front air bag to deploy unintentionally.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace air bag.

Vehicles Effected: September 01 1995 to December 31 1996

Number of Recalls: 7041

Reference Number: R/2000/142

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