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7 Recalls in 2000

Buy Alprazolam Cheap Online, Cheap Xanax Online

Buy Alprazolam Cheap Online, Cheap Xanax Online

Fault: Electrical heater booster may fail to switch off after the vehicle has been parked. This in extreme cases may lead to an under bonnet fire.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and install a relay and temperature controlled cut out to control the electrical heater booster.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2000 to December 31 2000

Number of Recalls: 1921

Reference Number: R/2000/147

Handbrake May Self Release - Vito/V Class (2000)

Fault: The handbrake button may become sticky in operation and in certain circumstances may result in self release of the handbrake.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace the handbrake lever.

Number of Recalls: 6386

Reference Number: R/2000/148

Possible Fire Risk - S Class (2000)

Fault: Due to a short circuit there is a possibility that the heater blower motor regulator may overheat Charring and smouldering may occur if ignored.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace the blower motor regulator with a quality assured unit.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2000 to May 31 2000

Number of Recalls: 793

Reference Number: R/2000/062

Potential Reduction Of Service Brake Effort - Actros (2000)

Fault: The possibility exists that the rear axle modulator valve may leak due to internal corrosion.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and check and if required replace the valve with a quality assured unit. Additionally a protective cover will be fitted to valves.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1996 to May 31 1998

Number of Recalls: 2955

Reference Number: R/2000/087

Potential Loss Of Pas Oil - E Class (2000)

Fault: Insufficient tightening of the power assisted steering damper screw may result in oil leakage. This oil may in extreme circumstances contact the exhaust system with the risk of an under bonnet fire.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and check the torque of the steering damper fastening screw. Replace the damper "O" ring seals if they are leaking.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1994 to December 31 1997

Number of Recalls: 15047

Reference Number: R/2000/088

Possible Fracture Of Wheel Rim - 404 (2000)

Fault: Weld securing the wheel rim to the wheel centre may fracture and result in loss of steering control.

Repair: Recall affected vehicles and replace all suspect wheels with quality assured new ones.

Vehicles Effected: June 01 2000 to July 30 2000

Number of Recalls: 27

Reference Number: R/2000/140

Brake Imbalance - Sprinter (2000)

Fault: The rear axle load sensing valve may become defective resulting in uneven braking effort between the left and right hand rear wheels.

Repair: Recall vehicles check and if required replace the load sensing (ALB) valve.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 2000 to December 31 2000

Number of Recalls: 739

Reference Number: R/2001/016

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