2 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 1994

Service Brake Hose On Front Axle Chafing - 2534S and 2534LS (1994)

Fault: The offside service brake hose on the first axle may be incorrectly routed. This may result in a chafe condition. In extreme cases this may lead to premature hose failure and a reduction in front axle braking effort.

Repair: Inspect routing of the service brake hose at the offside of the front axle. Hose to be re-routed if found to be incorrectly sited. Replace any hose exhibiting chafing damage.

Vehicles Effected: October 01 1992 to February 28 1993

Number of Recalls: 81

Reference Number: R/1994/005

Road Wheel Security - LN2 (1994)

Fault: The wheel nuts do not meet the manufacturer's specification. This could result in road wheel loss.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles for replacement of the original wheel nuts with quality assured examples.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1994 to December 31 1994

Number of Recalls: 99

Reference Number: R/1994/083

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