3 Mercedes Benz Recalls in 1993

Fracture Of Fuel Balance Pipe - 2433/2534 (1993)

Fault: The fuel balance pipe between the twin fuel tanks may fracture and allow the diesel fuel to escape.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles for the fitment of a modified balance pipe between the fuel tanks.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1990 to December 31 1992

Number of Recalls: 457

Reference Number: R/1992/074

Brake Pedal May Become Jammed - 609D 709D 711D 811D (1993)

Fault: The heads of the bolts securing the retarder actuating bracket to the brake pedal may contact the retarder microswitch and cause the brake pedal to jam.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles for the removal of any protrusion on the retarder switch support bracket and the fitment of the countersunk bolts between the retarder actuating bracket and the brake pedal.

Vehicles Effected: January 01 1989 to December 31 1992

Number of Recalls: 939

Reference Number: R/1993/053

Incorrect Brake Calipers May Be Fitted - 201 (1993)

Fault: In isolated instances a floating caliper may have been installed in combination with a ventilated brake disc at the offside front wheel station. Should this be the case excess caliper movement may occur as pad wear progresses.

Repair: Recall the affected vehicles to check for the correct caliper/disc combination replacing any incorrect calipers with the correct version

Vehicles Effected: May 01 1993 to July 30 1993

Number of Recalls: 569

Reference Number: R/1993/063

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