Mercedes Benz Citan W415 111CDI BlueEFFICIENCY - Facts and Figures

General Value
Chassis W415
Engine 1461cc
Engine Code -
Fuel Type Diesel
Production 2012
Predecessor -
Successor -
Performance Value
Power 110bhp
Torque 240Nm
Acceleration 13.2 (s)
Top Speed 121 MPH
MPG City 41.0 MPG
MPG Motorway 68.0 MPG
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W415 111CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Review

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Citan W415 111CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Problems, Faults and Recalls

  • R/2013/147 - Windowbag System May Fail To Deploy Correctly - It has been identified that the side window airbags on the Citan Crewbus are possible working to the extremes of its operating tolerance. Therefore if the vehicle was to be involved in a collision then the airbags may not deploy correctly.
  • R/2014/097 - Braking May Be Affected - Due to a fitment error on the production line the possibility exists that on a limited number of vehicles the brake pipes may not have been installed into their correct ports on the ABS hydraulic unit. As a result under hard acceleration or emergency braking abnormal handling characteristics of the vehicle may occur. In extreme conditions this could result in a road wheel locking causing the vehicle to skid unexpectedly.
  • R/2016/048 - Passenger Bench Seat May Fail - The bolt securing the passenger seat back rest may fracture. If this happens the back rest cushion may drop. In the event of a collision the seat belt may not fully restrain the passenger as intended.
  • R/2016/079 - Seat Belt May Fail - The mounting screws of the belt guide brackets at both the left hand and right hand C-Pillars may not have been tightened correctly. Therefore the seat belt/s may not perform as intended increasing the risk of injury during a collision.

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