Mercedes Benz GLE W166 ML63 AMG - Facts and Figures

General Value
Chassis W166
Model ML63 AMG
Engine 5461cc
Engine Code -
Fuel Type Petrol
Production 2012 - 2015
Predecessor W164
Successor -
Performance Value
Power 523bhp
Torque 700Nm
Acceleration 4.3 (s)
Top Speed 155 MPH
MPG City 18.0 MPG
MPG Motorway 29.0 MPG
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GLE W166 ML63 AMG Problems, Faults and Recalls

  • R/2010/205 - Fuel May Leak - Fuel may leak from the fuel filter housing onto the road surface and thereby make the road slippery for road users.
  • R/2011/131 - Cruise Control May Fail To Deactivate - It has been identified that a fault in the brake light switch may in very rare cases cause the cruise control to not deactivate when the brake is applied.
  • R/2012/091 - Floor Mat May Impede Accelerator Pedal - It has been established that if the vehicle is fitted with all weather or ribbed floor mats the accelerator/throttle pedal may contact the floor mat. Although this will just be a temporary contact this could delay the accelerator/throttle pedal releasing.
  • R/2013/017 - Accelerator Pedal May Be Impeded By Floor Mat - With the use of all weather or ribbed accessory floor mats temporary contract between the floor mat and accelerator pedal cannot be completely ruled out. In the event of contact between the floor mat and accelerator pedal the accelerator pedal may possibly be released with a delay.
  • R/2013/064 - Floor Mat May Impede Accelerator Pedal - If the vehicle is equipped with all weather or ribbed accessory mats it is possible that the mats may impede the operation of the throttle pedal to the extent that it could cause a delay in the throttle pedal returning when released.
  • R/2014/182 - Oil May Leak - On certain diesel engines the 'O' ring may not have been produced to the correct specification. This may allow oil to leak and contaminate the environment. If excessive oil is lost engine damage may occur.
  • R/2015/222 - Windscreen Wipers May Fail - Cabling may have been incorrectly routed and the wiper linkage could chafe the cabling causing a short circuit. If this happens the wiper motor could become inoperative.
  • R/2015/248 - Transmission May Lock At Low Speed - The high-voltage battery charger may not have been produced to specification which could lead to an incorrect detection of an external charging cable. This in turn can lead the request for ?P? to be activated. If the speed is less than 5 km/h the transmission would activate the park pawl function which will prevent the vehicle from driving further and could increase the risk of an incident.