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B-Class Electric Drive

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General Value
Chassis T246
Model B-Class Electric Drive
Engine N/Acc
Engine Code OM651DE22LA
Fuel Type Diesel
Production 2011
Predecessor Buy Xanax Sleeping Pills
Successor -
Performance Value
Power 179 PS - 132 kW - 177 BHP
Torque 340 Nm - 251 lb/ft
Acceleration N/A
Top Speed N/A
MPG City 60.0 MPG
MPG Motorway 75.0 MPG
Online Alprazolam

mercedes enthusiasts instagram

Buy Authentic Xanax Online, Order Xanax Bars Online Overnight

We want to find out opinions of T246 B-Class Electric Drive Owners. Do the figures above match your B-Class Electric Drive figures? Have you had any problems during ownership? Is it your Daily Driver? Would you recommened this type of B Class?

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B Class T246 B-Class Electric Drive Problems, Faults and Recalls

No Successor