Extended Warranty on Used Cars in the UK

Extended Warranty on Used Cars in the UK

Warranty on Mercedes Used Cars in the UK

Buying a used Mercedes Benz is a great way to beat the depreciation but what if something goes wrong? Extended warranty on Mercedes cars that are over the three year mark is recommended due to the fact the technology in the cars today are extremely complex.

With complexity comes great repair costs that you will be liable for without having warranty cover. Of course, you don’t have to have warranty policies and you can risk running your car warranty-free and fix things yourself as and when. We have compiled some example repair bills that Mercedes owners will have to fork out below.

Expensive Mercedes Repair Costs

R230 SLABC Suspension£5000
W219 CLSGearbox Failure£4200
W169 A ClassGearbox Failure£3900
X164 MLTurbo Failure£3500
E Class W211Gearbox Failure£2320
E Class W211SBC Brakes£1600

These are just some to note and there are many other horror repair bills that you can read with a little research on various forums.

Best Used Mercedes Warranty Policy in the UK

Although there are plenty of companies that offer extended warranties, there are only a select few that we would recommend. From our research on comparison websites, Dynamo Cover came out the cheapest.

However, our favourite car warranty policy that has dedicated bonuses for Mercedes Owners is by Warrantywise. This is because they have benefits for Mercedes-Benz owners and an extended warranty policy that is designed by Quentin Willson.

best mercedes warranty

Why Use Warrantywise for Mercedes Warranty?

  • All claims are dealt with in house and all claims are paid out within 7 days of contact
  • Provide the highest level of used car warranty in the UK
  • No main policy excess and no limit of the number of claims
  • Pay out more than any other UK warranty firm
  • Warranties include AA cover, Hotel, Car Hire and travel expenses as standard
  • Over 2000 people per month are becoming new customers of warrantywise

You can get a quote today in less than 60 seconds!

Should You Bother with Mercedes Warranty?

So this will be the main question that is asked, should you spend a load of money for warranty on a car? There are two arguments and starting with the reason not to is pretty obvious. If the Mercedes in question is worth less than the warranty cover, then warranty would not be worth it because you can just keep the car as spares and repair or just sell it. If the Mercedes has had all the main parts to go wrong already changed and the service history is very strong, its a gamble but I wouldn’t probably pay for warranty, however you will be paying a higher premium for a Mercedes like this.

On the flip side, Mercedes  warranty for your new car is vital to ensure your bank account is not at risk. A repair bill for any Mercedes that is less than 10 years old can be expensive, even if that repair is from an independent garage. You will have peace of mind that everything will be covered and you can drive your Mercedes knowing that all unexpected problems will be repair under Mercedes warranty.

Not sure what problems your Mercedes can suffer from? Search for your car in our Common Problems section that discusses various problems that Mercedes specific chassis suffer.


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