side picture of c63 amg

The All New Mercedes C63 AMG W205 Coupe Review

The All New Mercedes C63 AMG W205 Coupe Review

Although it may display the badge scary “C63” badge, it is infact a 4.0 litre twin-turbo charged v8. The standard AMG C63 produces 476 bhp and 479lb ft of torque, which will propel the luxury Mercedes from 0 to 62mph in 4.1 seconds. Mercedes haven’t stopped there, they have also released a ‘S’ (Sport) Version, where the power has increased to 510bhp and torque to 516 lb ft, which bring the 0 to 60 to 4 seconds dead.

What is different to the older C63 AMG (W204)

  • All new seven speed automatic gearbox, which is faster and has 4 new modes – Efficiency, Sport, Sport + and Race (Sport Version Only)
  • 4.0 Litre Twin Turbo Engine as opposed to the 6.2 Litre Naturally Aspirated Engine
  • Wider body – the front end and wings in particular
  • Bespoke Interior that feels expensive to touch!
  • …. and many, many other tiny touches

We have been driving one on a very wet Sunday morning on some great roads in Brecon. The national speed limits allowed the C63 to release its power, whilst keeping grip to the road with the help of some 285/30/19 continentals on the rear!

c63 brecon
C63 and R129 SL in Brecon
c63 amg
Front Shot of the C63 AMG
side picture of c63 amg
Foggy Side View of the C63 AMG
c63 amg steering wheel
C63 AMG Steering Wheel
19 inch c63 amg
C63 Rear Alloys 19 Inch
rear shot of the w205 amg
Elegant Rear of the C63 AMG

Exhaust Sound of the Stock C63 AMG Exhaust

AMG owners are worrying about the reduction in size of the mighty Mercedes V8 and the introduction of turbos ruining their soundtrack. But when we gave the C63 a good spirited drive across Brecon, the pops and bangs were loud and the V8 noise was certainly there. View our video below for revs in park.

W205 C63 AMG Review

The W204 Predecessor is without doubt one of the best modern AMG’s built and when you mention the C63, everyone knows that means lots of noise and burning rubber. The All new W205 C63 definitely deserves the C63 badge with its phenomenal engine and stylish appearance. The MADness of the previous C63 is still here with this one, although this is a far more refined machine that is taking Mercedes into the future.


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