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Mercedes Vans – The Ultimate Campervan?

Mercedes have been producing there vans for over 120 years now starting from the 170V to the more popular models of today. Sprinters, Vito’s and the later Citan’s are very popular on UK roads today and the majority are used by couriers and businesses. The Citan is built on a similar base to the A Class and uses a Renault diesel engine in most cases for a large amount of miles per gallon.

The Mercedes Sprinter and the Vito come with a short or long based variant and pose a very good option for those that want to carry out a campervan conversion. These are very popular among the Volkswagen vans but many people are opting for the Mercedes alternative. The long wheel based Sprinter is by far one of the largest vans on the UK roads and is one of the best options for a campervan conversion.

Best Cheap Option

Not everyone has the budget for the latest Mercedes Sprinter (or Vito) but there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for the older options. Early sprinters have bulletproof engines but the only thing that lets them down is of course the dreaded rust. However, if you can find one that has limited rust then you are onto a winner. Over at Build A Campervan, there is a great example of such a conversion, which can be found here: https://buildacampervan.com/gallery-2/steves-mercedes-sprinter/

Opposite End Of The Scale

Of course not everyone is on a budget and some will simply want the best that is out there. Mercedes being such a premium brand have plenty of choices for those with cash to spend. Many companies even do the conversion themselves but these come at a huge price tag. A popular automotive YouTub’er recently purchased a $140,000 Mercedes Sprinter campervan and it is simply the most amount of luxury you can fit into a Mercedes Sprinter:

Campervan Insurance

When converting your campervan, its important to tell your insurance company as it’s a big change to your vehicle. Your current insurance provider may not even accept the modification that you are doing to your van and this can be a big problem. There are various insurers in the UK, but Brentacre with their campervan insurance is by far the best. With unlimited modifications, agreed values and many other benefits, its worth giving them a ring.


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