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Common Problems W204 C Class

Problems and Faults with the W204 C Class

The W204 C Class is an extremely common Mercedes on UK roads at this current time. The W204 stopped production in 2014, which is a seven year run since 2007. The engines varied in size, starting from a 1595cc to the AMG 6208cc M156KE63 engine. The Mercedes W204 came in a saloon, estate and coupe variants with the majority of engines available in all formats.

The W204 was the company car of choice by many companies, with the impressive MPG and emission figures coming from the efficient 4 cylinder diesel models. The C63 AMG version of the W204 is probably the most popular Mercedes to date that is attracted by both the young and older generation of drivers around the world.

Common Reliability Problems

  1. Early Models have had known problems of engine failure due to a fault with the electrical component from within the crankshaft sensor which results in loss of power and hard engine restarts.
  2. Again, Early Models up to the facelift (2010) suffer from power steering fluid leaks, which drip onto the pump
  3.  MAF Sensors are known to become faulty, common symptoms are lack of power
  4. Steering Lock and Column – Also an issue on the E Class, symptoms such as no ignition lights when the key is turned, steering locked whilst keys are in the ignition and other similar unusual issues. The module itself is expensive (£4-500) and will require coding.
  5. Injector Problems – Commonly on the 220 and 250 CDi & Blue Efficiency models. Check with your local Mercedes dealer, as some models were recalled for this known fault
  6. Noisy Folding Mirrors – A small but very irritating fault if you fold your mirror frequently. The wheel inside the mirror causes the noise and can be replaced cheaply
  7. Oil May Leak – The ‘O’ Ring on diesel engines is the faulty part
  8. Fuel May Leak – Leaking for the fuel filter flange

W204 Modifications, Upgrades & Maintenance

The C Class already looks great, but with a few tweaks you can transform the W204 into an aggressive Mercedes with big road presence. Popular modifications are to the grill, such as the a black finished grill with chrome slat found on current C63 Models. Also, colour coded mudflaps are a great upgrade to the W204 that reduce spray but more importantly look great.

If you choose to buy the desirable W204 C63, it will require regular maintenance to ensure it remains running at its optimum performance. Regular maintenance such as using the correct engine oil for the car, changing the brakes and replacing the rear tyres are far more frequent in the C63. However, the performance and the V8 roar make it all worthwhile.

W204 C Class Recalls 2007 – 2014

  1. Fuel May Leak – 28/03/2013
  2. Steering Control – 30/09/2014
  3. Oil May Leak – 16/01/2015

Keep up to date by checking Vosa.

Overall, the W204 was a step ahead from the previous C Class (W203) and has many high reviews regarding reliability. With over 149 models, you have a vast selection, which you can view here.


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