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mercedes benz w113 specialists 280sl
Hemmels Classic Mercedes Benz Specialists Located in the United Kingdom, Hemmels are specialists at restoring classic Mercedes’s such as the W113 Padoga or 300SL to the highest quality. Although they are based in the UK, they have clients worldwide...
rare clk dtm convertible
7 Rare Mercedes Benz You Might Not Know About Mercedes Benz have a fair few rare models, where the majority are classics such as the 190SL, Gullwing, CLK GTR and many more. In this article we have found some...

Japanese Imports

japan mercedes import
Import a Mercedes from Japan To the classic car collectors in the UK and US, its becoming increasingly hard to find a straight, non corroded and collectible Mercedes. For the collectible classic Mercedes’s that are in good condition, they...
Top Gear Chris Harris W124 Mercedes
Future Classic Mercedes That You Should Buy Now Rewind a few years and you will remember many articles telling you to buy certain Mercedes cars such as the 190 Cosworth and the R107 300SL? Well, they were correct and...