R129 Rolling Shot

10 Popular Mercedes Benz Quiz Questions and Answers

Tricky Mercedes Quiz Questions – Answers at the bottom

Having difficulty searching for Mercedes quiz questions? Look no further, we have saved you the hassle and have 10 questions that will test even the serious Mercedes enthusiasts!

[Answers are provided at the end of quiz]

  1. What chassis was the ‘Pagoda Gullwing’ based from?
    a) W113
    b) R107
    b) W114
    c) W115

  2. Which W140 did Princess Diana tragically have a car crash and die in?
    a) S500
    b) S600
    c) S320
    d) S280

  3. What capacity engine does the A45 AMG with 290 bhp & 280 Torques (W176) have?
    a) 2.0 Litre
    b) 2.5 Litre
    c) 3.0 Litre
    d) 2.2 Litre

  4. What Mercedes is known as the baby benz?
    a) W201 – 190e
    b) W176 – A Class
    c) T245 – B Class
    d) R107 – SL

  5. What chassis is this Mercedes?
    R129 Rolling Shot
    What Chassis is this car?

    a) W124 (Convertible)
    b) R107
    c) R129
    d) W114


  6. What does the 3 Pointed Star of Mercedes symbolize?

    a) The Three Daughters of Mercedes Innovator
    b) No Meaning
    c) Land, Sea and Air
    d) Only the best

  7. In what year was the G-Wagen/G-Class introduced?
    a) 1979
    b) 1982
    c) 1985
    d) 1986

  8. In what year did Carl Benz invent the world’s first production car?
    a) 1855
    b) 1894
    c) 1895
    d) 1898

  9. What is the 0-60 time of a Mercedes Benz CLK DTM?
    a) 3.8 seconds
    b) 3.2 seconds
    c) 4.0 seconds
    d) 4.2 seconds

  10. How many clynders did the W201 190e Cosworth have?
    a) 4
    b) 5
    c) 6
    d) 8

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Answers to Quiz

1) W201
2) 2.0 Litre
3) S280
4) W113
5) R129
6) Land, Sea and Air
7) 1979
8) 1894
9) 3.8 Seconds
10) 4


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