All Mercedes W126 Models (1979 - 1991)

There are 22 different types of the Mercedes S Class W126 model. Click on one of the W126's below to view in detail the full facts and performance statistics.

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Chassis Model Engine Engine Code
W126 260SE 2599cc M103.941
W126 280S 2799cc M110.924
W126 280SE 2799cc M110.987
W126 280SEL 2799cc M110.987
W126 300SD 2960cc OM617.951
W126 300SDL 2960cc OM603.961
W126 300SE 2960cc M103.981
W126 300SEL 2960cc M103.981
W126 350SD 2960cc OM603.97
W126 350SDL 2960cc OM603.97
W126 380SE 3818cc M116.963
W126 380SEC 3818cc M116.963
W126 380SEL 3818cc M116.963
W126 420SE 4196cc M116.965
W126 420SEC 4196cc M116.965
W126 420SEL 4196cc M116.965
W126 500SE 4966cc M117.965
W126 500SEC 4966cc M117.965
W126 500SEL 4966cc M117.965
W126 560SE 4966cc M117.968
W126 560SEC 5566cc M117.968
W126 560SEL 5566cc M117.968