All Mercedes W210 Models (1995 - 2003)

There are 35 different types of the Mercedes E Class W210 model. Click on one of the W210's below to view in detail the full facts and performance statistics.

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Chassis Model Engine Engine Code
W210 200D 2151cc OM604.917
W210 220D 2148cc OM604.912
W210 E200 1998cc M111.942
W210 E200 Kompressor 1998cc M111.957
W210 E220 CDI 2148cc OM611
W210 E220 CDI Estate 2148cc OM611
W210 E230 2295cc M111.970
W210 E230 Kompressor 2295cc M111.974
W210 E240 2496cc M112.911
W210 E250 D 2497cc OM605.912
W210 E250 TD 2497cc OM605.962
W210 E260 2696cc M112.911
W210 E270 CDI 2685cc OM612
W210 E270 CDI Estate 2685cc OM612
W210 E280 2996cc M112.921
W210 E280 24v 2996cc M104.942
W210 E290 Turbo Diesel 2874cc OM602.982
W210 E300 Diesel 2996cc OM606.912
W210 E300 Turbo Diesel 2996cc OM606.962
W210 E300 Turbo Diesel Estate 2996cc OM606.962
W210 E320 3199cc M112.941
W210 E320 24v 3199cc M104.995
W210 E320 CDI 3222cc OM613
W210 E320 CDI Estate 3222cc OM613
W210 E320 Estate 3199cc M112.941
W210 E36 AMG 3606cc M104.941
W210 E36 AMG Estate 3606cc M104
W210 E430 4266cc M113.940
W210 E430 32v 4266cc M119.985
W210 E430 Estate 4266cc M113.940
W210 E500 AMG 4973cc M119.985
W210 E55 AMG 5439cc M113.980
W210 E55 AMG Estate 5439cc M113.980
W210 E60 AMG 5786cc M119.985
W210 E72 Brabus 7290cc M120.990