All Mercedes W123 Models (1976 - 1985)

There are 24 different types of the Mercedes E Class W123 model. Click on one of the W123's below to view in detail the full facts and performance statistics.

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Chassis Model Engine Engine Code
W123 200D 1996cc OM615
W123 200E 1996cc M102
W123 200T 1996cc M102
W123 220D 2295cc OM615
W123 230CE 2295cc M102
W123 230E 2295cc M102
W123 230T 2295cc M102
W123 240D 2525cc OM616
W123 240D LWB 2525cc OM616
W123 240TD 2525cc OM616
W123 250CE 2525cc M123
W123 250E 2525cc M123
W123 250LWB 2525cc M123
W123 250T 2525cc M123
W123 280CE 2799cc M110
W123 280E 2799cc M110
W123 280T 2799cc M110
W123 300CD 2960cc OM617I5
W123 300CD Turbo 2960cc OM617a
W123 300D 2960cc OM617
W123 300D LWB 2960cc OM617I5
W123 300D Turbo 2960cc OM617a
W123 300TD 2960cc OM617
W123 300TD Turbo 2960cc OM617a