All Mercedes W203 Models (2000 - 2006)

There are 46 different types of the Mercedes C Class W203 model. Click on one of the W203's below to view in detail the full facts and performance statistics.

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Chassis Model Engine Engine Code
W203 C180 1796cc M111
W203 C180 Coupe 1796cc M111
W203 C180 Estate 1796cc M111
W203 C180K 1796cc M271E18ML
W203 C180K Coupe 1796cc M271E18ML
W203 C180K Estate 1796cc M271E18ML
W203 C200 1998cc M271
W203 C200 CDI 2148cc OM611
W203 C200 CDI Coupe 2148cc OM611
W203 C200 CDI Estate 2148cc OM611
W203 C200 Coupe 1998cc M271
W203 C200 Estate 1998cc M271
W203 C200K 1998cc M111
W203 C200K Coupe 1998cc M111
W203 C200K Estate 1998cc M111
W203 C220 CDI 2148cc OM646
W203 C220 CDI 2148cc OM646
W203 C220 CDI Estate 2148cc OM646
W203 C230 2496cc M272
W203 C230 Coupe 2496cc M272
W203 C230 Estate 2496cc M272
W203 C230K 1796cc M111
W203 C230K Coupe 1796cc M111
W203 C230K Estate 1796cc M111
W203 C240 2597cc M112
W203 C240 Estate 2597cc M112
W203 C270 CDI 2685cc OM612
W203 C270 CDI Estate 2685cc OM612
W203 C280 2996cc M272
W203 C280 Estate 2996cc M272
W203 C30 CDI AMG 2950cc OM612
W203 C30 CDI AMG Coupe 2950cc OM612
W203 C30 CDI AMG Estate 2950cc OM612
W203 C32 3199cc M112
W203 C32 Coupe 3199cc M112
W203 C32 Estate 3199cc M112
W203 C320 3199cc M112
W203 C320 CDI 2987cc OM642
W203 C320 CDI Estate 2987cc OM642
W203 C320 Coupe 3199cc M112
W203 C320 Estate 3199cc M112
W203 C350 3498cc M272
W203 C350 Coupe 3498cc M272
W203 C350 Estate 3498cc M272
W203 C55 5439cc M113
W203 C55 Estate 5439cc M113